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Cable Gland Accessories

To support one of the industry's broadest ranges of IP68 rated glands, Bimed offer an extensive range of accessories to support their extensive Cable Gland range.

Accessories include lock nuts, seals, adaptors, protection tabs, blind stops and even a gland wrench.

Lock Nuts

AP Technology stock a broad range of locknuts to support our cable gland range from Bimed. Choose from plastic and metal options.

Plastic Lock Nuts

Available as the standard flanged Hexagonal lock nuts or without a flange, this range is made of Polyamide 6 that has been reinforced with glass fibre.

Available in all thread styles and a variety of colours.

Metallic Lock Nuts

A range of Pg and Metric threaded hexagonal lock nuts manufactured in brass and nickel plated according to DIN 46320.

EMC Lock Nuts

A range of specially designed Pg and Metric threaded hexagonal lock nuts manufactured in brass and nickel plated for use with EMC glands.


Special Seals

A range of seals designed to allow conversion of the cable entry within the gland enabling the sealing to work with multiple cables or flat cable types. Products are available manufactured from NBR or silicone.

Flat Cable Seals

Available for both Pg and Metric glands, the size ranges from Pg21 through to Pg48 and M25 through to M63

Multi hole Seals

Subject to the gland size this range is available from 2 up to 8 entries for both Pg and Metric glands, the size ranges from Pg9 through to Pg29 and M12 through to M32, with other entry options and sizes being available upon request.


Our range of brass, nickel plated adaptors to allow thread enlargement, reduction and conversion.

Choose from options including;

• Pg/Pg Reducers
• Pg/Pg Enlargers
• Metric/Metric Reducers
• Metric/Metric Enlargers
• Pg/Metric Reducers
• Metric/Pg Enlargers

Blind Stops

Blind Stops are manufactured from Polyamide 6 and designed for use wherever threads must be closed to prevent dust, dirt or foreign objects from entering the housing.

Our range of Blind Stops from Bimed are available in grey, light grey & black.

Choose from options including;

• Circular or Hexagonal types
• Pg or Metric Threads

Protection Tabs

This range of protection tabs are made of Polyamide 6 and are designed to prevent the ingress of moisture or dust through the cable gland when the gland is mounted to a panel or enclosure where the cable connection is to be made at a later time.

The range is available in grey, light grey & black and includes both Pg and Metric threaded products

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