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In addition to the most comprehensive range of metric thread connector's available from any manufacturer today, Intercontec offer a number of innovative interconnect solutions for a variety of applications.

Utilising knowhow and market expertise, coupled with customer feedback, Intercontec have developed high quality market oriented interconnection solutions that challenge the limitation of traditional machine tool interconnection systems.

This approach to market has not only lead to a variety of specialist interconnect solutions being developed such as the 723 series and the 932 series of Hybrid connectors offering both power and signal contacts in the same housing, but also a number of application-specific solutions;

Speedtec - positive locking system for M17, M23 & M40 connectors

Speedtec positive locking system for power and signal connectorsThe Speedtec coupling system is the sensational "One Second" quick-lock fastening system from Intercontec. Requiring only 1/8th of a turn the Speedtec system not only eliminates the possibility of mis mating connectors, both cable to cable or cable to panel, but also delivers a positive mating between connectors every time.

Speedtec is both robust and vibration-proof which ensures that the locking mechanism provides robust and secure coupling during operation that will deliver sealing to IP66/67. The range is available for both power and signal planforms in the M17, M23 and M40 series of connectors.

Speedtec slide turn lock connector solutionSecure, stable and quick coupling with just 1/8th of a turn - reduces installation time - slide on, turn and lock is achieved in less than one second.

Speedtec receptacles are compatible with Speedtec plugs as well as standard coupling nut connectors.

For further information on this range or to arrange a demonstration of the Speedtec locking system please contact us


Crown Clamp - innovation in screen termination

Intercontec have developed the innovative crown clamp screen termination to give an IP67 level of sealing combined with a coax style screen termination for multipole connectors. giving the benefits of time saving and increasing the quality of the screen connection.

Crown clamp screen termination

Fan out the cable screen...

...push together...

...turn in...

...the clamp is assembled.

The advantages of Intercontec's crown clamp include:

• Coaxial style EMC shielding
• Available in a variety of cable entries
• No twisting of clamping ring and spacer
• Safe sealing in accordance with IP66/67
• No cutting of the shielding braid is required, delivering a shorter assembly time.

More info?

More info?
For further information or to discuss an application please contact us

Xtec - modular system for power & data application

Intercontec's Xtec system has been designed to deliver a system that offers perfect modularity - the world's first truly modular industrial interconnect system, allowing both power & signal systems to be created.

The Xtec system is ideal for factory automation applications that require high cost capital equipment to be shared between lines as all connector housing configurations are comprised of a few basic elements and fixed length cables, daisy chains can be created to allow the free movement of machinery between lines.

Xtec is offered in size M23 with either power or signal inserts and as a power connector in size M40.

Xtec modular industrial interconnect systemSize M23
Insert Style
Signal 8,9,10,12,17 &19 Pole
Power Hybrid 9 ( 4 + PE/5 Signal )

Size M40
Insert Style
Power 8 & 11 Pole

Features of the Xtec range include:

• Connector housings can be equipped with both pins and sockets.
• Housings can be equipped with signal or power inserts.
• Coding of the insulator and coloured rings eliminates the possibility of mis-mating
• Available as bespoke pre-terminated cables

More info?

More info?

For further information on this range, please contact us or download the Xtec overview

Springtec - quick lock system designed for connection in confined spaces

The Springtec system is designed for use in applications that require a positive locking system, but with limited operating space. The Springtec quick lock fastener has a spring loaded mechanism that ensures positive locking is achieved, whilst eliminating the possibility of mismating.

Springtec quick lock interconnection system

Springtec is available with either power or signal inserts and is offered with both inline and panel mounting options body styles;

Connector Type Insert Style Contact Range Cable Entry
Signal 12 pole 0.05 to 0.75mm2 Up to 12mm
Power 9 and 15 pole 0.05 to 1.5mm2 Up to 12mm

Features of the Springtec range include:

• The spring loaded coupling nut is pre-stressed to give a positive connection and lock when mated
• Due to the positive locking mechanism no accidental release is possible
• The locking mechanism tightens under vibration and eliminates accidental uncoupling
• Connector housings are coded to prevent the mis-mating
• Colour identification for visual differentiation

For further information on this range or to arrange a demonstration please contact us or download the Springtec overview

More info?

More info?

For further information on this range, please contact us or download the Springtec overview

Locktec - revolutionary tamper-resistant assembled solution

tamper resistant assembled solutionAn assembly-ready revolution without over-mould. Locktec is innovative connector system that delivers a tamper proof pre terminated assembly without the need to over mould. The connector offers an inseparable connection between the connector housing and strain relief will be destroyed if connector is opened.

Locktec is available in all of the Intercontec standard M23 power and signal configurations (please see the 623 signal & 923 power series for more information) offering protection to IP66/67.

The features of this range include:

• A robust metal housing
• An EMC-shielded connector
• Connection is offered with either Speedtec or screw coupling
• Bespoke labelling and strain relief colours are available
• The range is offered with DESINA standard or bespoke cables
• All plastics used in Locktec are UL 94/V0 certified
• Application specific cable lengths are available

For further information, please download the Locktec Catalogue >>

To arrange a demonstration or to discuss and application please contact us

Ytec & Itec - flexible connection system with a small footprint

Ytec and Itec flexible power and signal connection solutionOriginally designed to meet the requirements of small frame motor manufacturers to provide a compact and robust interconnection system that has the technical features of the larger M series connectors but delivered in a smaller footprint.

Ytec and its single version, Itec form an ultra compact complete system with an auto locking quick release fastener for easy and safe connections with an IP66/67 rating.

The features of the Ytec and Itec range include:

rotating connectors

Ytec and Itec offer a great deal of mounting flexibility as after installation the connectors are rotatable by 300°.

Ytec and Itec are designed to use only one mounting hole in the motor housing, but allowing ample room for contact pin insertion.  

Miniaturised in three dimensions the Ytec and Itec ranges are designed to fit even the smallest motors by being flat, narrow and short bodied delivering  a mounted height of only 20mm

Ytec and Itec are manufactured with mechanically coded connector housings, coupled with colour coding to prevent any mismating between power and signal plugs.

More info?

More info?

For further information on Ytec and Itec, to arrange a demonstration or to discuss an application, please contact us

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